Decay orbital period of the binary system on gravitational waves’ detection

P Y D Sagita, A Suroso, and F P Zen

Abstract. Gravitational Waves had been fifth detected which is on PSR 1913+16 at 1974 until
1981 by Arecibo Telescope, on GW150914, GW151226, and GW170104 by LIGO and the last
is on GW170814 by LIGO and VIRGO. The research made a binary system dynamic modeling
by using linearization theorem and post-Newtonian formalism. This modeling is a binary system
with two mass identically orbiting each other on the center of circular orbit. By this modelling
will get decay orbital period of system for the fifth data of gravitational waves’ detection is -
1,073 x 10-12 for PSR 1913+16, -81,956 x 10-12 for GW150914, -2,56 x 10-12 for GW151226,
-73,73 x 10-12 for GW170104, and -44,94 x 10-12 for GW170814. The result can inform us
about time which using system to combine be a more massive system (a black hole or a pulsar).

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